#1 nekdolan von nekdolan 12.04.2008 12:14

Yo I'm nekdolan from Hungary. I consider myself a decent Dota player. I played since... err ... since 2006. I'm currently in the clan DTD: Dare To Do and play on GGC. I don't play pubs since pubs in GGC are never finished by 10 players. I hosted some tournaments for friends in the past. I have posted an FV, Doom, Nerubian Weaver and Lancer guide to DA. I'm also a potentional voter in the remake and cosmetic suggestions thread. I have an SK suggestion with 169 T.UP and one T.Down. Gues I should put a picture here...this is from my website: I'm the guy in the baseball hat. I like baseball hats, especially black ones...
#2 Re: nekdolan von AtroCty 12.04.2008 12:34

Nice to have you in the community ;)
#3 Re: nekdolan von hjtorz 12.04.2008 16:33

Welcome .
#4 Re: nekdolan von ArcheKleine 13.04.2008 03:42

Are you trying to eat the rock?
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