#1 Ironfisto von ironfisto 12.04.2008 02:09

Hello, I am Iron.
Im more of a gamer than a moviemaker. I do make lots of vids though but they are usually short clips like 2mins depicting a single scene. At max, they are 5mins but I wouldn't spend more than a day to complete the video whole. I firmly believe what a good video needs is a good music to create the desired mood.

My interest is more into participating in strategy discussions but as of late, that passion is slow dying. So that's a good thing actually, I can focus more on vid-making

I don't play in leagues, nor competively, or even have a clan. I'd usually play with a couple of friends or try sneaking into a clan war room hoping a team needs a last.

I do beta sometimes, with my imba 150ms ping in LC. I just hate it when im forced into observer slot so another person can play Not like I can't play decently in the game with 42134sec delay. At least the treatment is better than TDA though. They ping, and the next moment they kick.

I hope this forum will grow and extend beyond that of dota. I know for sure that I will quit Dota eventually, but rest assured I will stay here in this place even if I have a new found game.
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