#1 ArcheKleine von ArcheKleine 27.03.2008 20:30

Hey guys welcome to the forum!

My online AKA is ArcheKleine, and I have been around DotA for quite a while as well. I've played on and off since the middle of the 3.xx series and came back during the 6.19 version, since then I've stuck around and have helped out in the forums quite a bit.

To make it short this is me and my friend:

I'm the one to the left.

This is my old staff profile from the D-A forums.
#2 Re: ArcheKleine von nekdolan 12.04.2008 11:57

An interesting smile you got there !
#3 Re: ArcheKleine von Nubtrain 28.06.2008 18:39

Welcome to the community
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